Cleaning & Dyeing

The Interior of your car is exceptionally good at picking up dirt from everyday wear and tear.

Sprucing up the interior is not that difficult. You can transform “old” looking interior into dazzling beauty with the help of Auto Finishing Services.

We use the best quality cleaning equipment and solutions to eliminate burns, stains, ink marks, water and heat rings, odor, spills, pet damages, smoke and water damages. We clean fabric, leather, wood, metal, marble, plastic, and multiple types of surfaces.

If we cannot do it, no one can! Guaranteed. We can clean leather & vinyl on all kinds of vehicles including cars, lorries, limos, motor homes, motorbikes, caravans & more.

Cleaning can make it look like new & we condition it also keep it in the best condition. Plastic is reasonably attractive, durable, and inexpensive to manufacture. However, over time the plastic gets cracked, scratched, faded, and even chalky. Leather and vinyl have a grain that dirt needs to be removed with the use of soft brush. Cleaning both leather and vinyl can bring it to look like new but if the article has had a lot of everyday usage you may come to realize that it has some unnoticeable damage that was being concealed by dirt, which will become more noticeable once the dirt is cleaned.

Over the last ten years, our technicians have perfected techniques for cleaning a great variety of interiors and all different types of materials, including: regular home furniture with many types of surfaces, interiors, seats and side panels of cars, airplanes, boats, and RVs.

If the surface is beyond cleaning we can custom color match, re-dye, re-grain and finish the area.

Our staff can visit any location.

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